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Have ordered and used several thousand brass in different calibers of starline brass. This is the best brass I have ever used. In all of the orders I have yet to have a rejected piece of brass. I would reccomend this to any reloader looking for high quality and dependability. Excellent customer service also.

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Manufacturing. Through proven manufacturing processes and industry-leading technology, we are able to create innovative solutions for your most complex component needs in our Lewiston, ID facility.

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The foundation of Hornady® Ammunition At Hornady,® brass is the foundation for what could be the most memorable shot of your lifetime. Extra time and care is taken in the creation of our cases, producing smaller lots that meet strict quality stand...

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Drawing Brass The Brass Cartridge Case Manufacturing Process at Peterson Cartridge. The steps below show Peterson Cartridge's brass cartridge casing manufacturing process from the original brass manufacturer and their cupping process through the final mouth and neck anneal.

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Premium brass delivers better accuracy, more consistent velocities, and longer life. Best site for precision rifle accuracy and accurate shooting for Benchrest, F-Class, Tactical, Varmint, High Power precision Shooting.

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About 10 years ago the time had arrived when annealing cases was in order. On hand were about 1,000 ~ 7.62 X 51 rifle cases (308 Win.) Some of the cases were from match rifles with many others fired from machine guns with generous chamber dimensions.

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Production Machinery: For Sale & Wanted Updated 18th October, 2017 N.B About this time of year due to up tempo combat operations support, and now two donated medical aid projects for two seperate AORs, we temporarily partially suspend our machinery sales which in fact is only a relatively small sideline unless we have ongoing business with an established customer.

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Founded in Pittsburgh, Pa., Peterson Cartridge was built with one main goal: to produce extremely consistent, American-Made brass rifle casings which are …

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annealing range and the brass becomes too soft. Annealing in a dark room until Annealing in a dark room until the neck shows the 1st hint of glowing red is a much better approach and should

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Camdex equipment is designed and manufactured for modern ammunition loading requirements and is based on over 30 years of experience in the reloading industry. Camdex offers high speed equipment for loading and reloading ammunition and support equipment for sorting mixed range brass, reconditioning fired cases and packaging loaded rounds. inside is the complete line of camdex products

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Machines And Tools Production Program. Equipment for Ammunition Production. Tools for Ammunition Production. Equipment, Machines, Devices, Tools, Accessories

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Bulk Reloading Supplies. Are you a fan of Do-It-Yourself bullet Reloading? Georgia Arms, the Southeast's favorite supplier of new and remanufactured bulk ammunition, completely understands your desires for bulk reloading supplies.

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We have some equipment, but the business is all about ultra high quality custom built ammo, so the equipment is designed for a single person to load from beginning to end. Not automation. Training for an ammo tech takes less than a week. This means that as demand increases, this set up is easily reproduced for minimal equipment cost. I am experienced in manufacturing management and will …

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Waterbury Farrel Ammunition Bullet Production Equipment is the global standard for quality and reliability. Waterbury Farrel has been in the business of providing Ammunition solutions for industry and arsenal applications for over 160 years.

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No additional equipment is required. It is the only product that completely transforms a 9mm case into "like-new brass". It automatically ejects berdan primed cases, split and cracked cases and 380 auto cases (when running 9mm) without stopping the machine.

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The word "anneal" means "soften". In the context of cartridge reloading, it means to take a case with a neck that - due to repeated use - has become hard and brittle and prone to failure, and make it (the neck) malleable again so that the case can be reloaded a number of additional times.

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Ammunition Case Manufacturing Equipment. The ammunition industry supply chain is broken. If you produce ammunition, then you will be able to take control of your supply and affordably produce your own rifle brass ammunition cases with Setpoint's new lean ammunition case manufacturing equipment.

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Manufacturing ammunition is a complex, precise process. In addition to coordinating great deals on top-quality manufacturing equipment, we provide extensive training and support to ensure you're ready to hit the ground running from day one.

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The main manufacturing building houses many custom built specialized manufacturing and processing machines. This machinery includes brass cartridge case processing machines that reprocesses previously fired cartridge cases for in house loading or sale to other individual loaders as well as other commercial loaders. There are industrial loading machines that actually load at a production …

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Throughout the entire precision reloading process, you want to make everything as consistent as possible to get the most accurate ammunition. Choosing quality equipment is the key when every inch count and because we don't want to make compromise.

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300aac cartridge case cup manufacturing line – brass strip 160-320ppm 300AAC CARTRIDGE CASE CUP MANUFACTURING LINE – BRASS WIRE 140-160ppm 300AAC CARTRIDGE CASE MANUFACTURING LINE – BRASS CRTG.

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2012-08-01· Step by step video slideshow showing the different stages in the manufacturing of brass rifle cases and loaded ammunition by Silver State Armory.

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Since 2009, X-Reload is commited to supply the best and most renowned brands of reloading equipment and accessories. We are part of the competitive and recreational reloading enthusiasts family and we are proud of supporting several events and athletes.

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2012-08-01· Some clips of different machines used during the manufacturing of brass rifle cases.

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Brass also lends itself to reuse, which is a major factor for guys like us who reload. The brass used in cartridge cases is an alloy made up of copper and zinc. Copper makes up about 70 percent of the alloy, and zinc constitutes the remaining 30 percent; this is pretty standard throughout the …

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BAM's (Bullet Assembly Machines) are used in the manufacturing of projectiles for both pistol and rifle cartridges. They are versatile enough to convert from one caliber to another. They are versatile enough to convert from one caliber to another.

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Cartridge Brass manufacturers, service companies and distributors are listed in this trusted and comprehensive vertical portal. The comprehensive directory provides access to full contact and ability information for sourcing professionals, engineers and researchers wishing to get information on Cartridge Brass.

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2014-01-31· January 31st, 2014 Idaho Company Produces Advanced Ammo-Loading Machines. Looking to start a new enterprise? How about entering a field where consumer demand greatly exceeds supply right now — the ammunition business.

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Rifle & Pistol Ammunition Manufacturing & Loading Equipment FEATURING: (15) Mark L & Mark V Loaders (15) Dillon Loaders - Large Selection of reloading inspection and support equipment Real Estate 2 ACRES - 21,000 SF INVENTORY INCLUDING: PRIMERS • RAW MATERIAL • FIRED BRASS • POWDER • FINISHED LOADED ROUNDS SALE DATE: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 18 TH, 1:00 PM …